About Us

Dreamed by Darren from his love of pizza Grab A Pizza This was born in 2020. 


Our journey 

Far from a simple start (because of government restrictions) we began to plan, design an beautiful conversion of our rice horsebox. 

Development continued with the addition of our much loved woodfired oven.

After several months we were able to add those final touches to our trailer, some striking new branding.


Opening time

In Sept 2020, armed and with our beautifully converted Rice horsebox we were ready to go.  

Transformation complete and with a pitch agreed we began preparing and cooking our tasty handmade pizzas while honing our technique along the way.


Why Grab A Pizza This

We love to create your favourite pizzas with an added bit of fun.

Our happy, smiley, friendly team are here to serve awesome pizzas.

Grab A Pepper Pig or a Swineapple, our pizza names are a gentle play on words, describing their tasty content. 

Not all fun here though as our pizzas are serious, seriously tasty!  


Freshen it up

Made with love and from fresh & tasty ingredients our pizzas are just longing to be cooked in our wonderful stone-baked wood fired pizza oven. 

We have tried and tested lots combinations to find our favourite flavours and bring our best tasting ingredients to the table. Creating trademark delicious pizzas that keep our loyal customers coming back time and time again.

You simply can  not beat the taste of our beautifully fresh handmade stone-baked pizza.


We are growing

As we continue to grow we will strive to develop our product range and services for the benefit of our already happy customers.  

When we can we will add more services or faster processes to allow us to accommodate and delight more of our customers.